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When In The World
G Anthony

When In The World re-tells a 4-year adventure and often misadventure
all around the World. It covers 15 different countries, accounting stories and anecdotes, describing many landmarks and detailing the history of many of the places visited. Find travel information, interesting facts and fascinating stories, all accompanied by a series of travel photographs.

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We Did What We Had To
John Hill & Pamela Howarth

In 2015, John Hill told his niece, Pamela, the story of his RAF training in England and Canada, leading to his active service as a navigator, with 107 Mosquito Squadron, in the later stages of WWII. It is a vividly told account, remembered across the years as if it were yesterday. Recorded and transcribed, this account formed the inspiration for We did what we had to. 

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The Silver Sphere
Pamela Howarth

A lively, entertaining collection of travel tales, including a blog from a 4-month world cruise. Retired writer, Pamela Howarth, shares her insight and enjoyment of destinations near and far.


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The Adventures of the Blue Giraffe: The Blue Bike
Raef Baldwin

An illustrated Children’s book to help adults teach safe cycling, inspired by the author’s autistic son. His son received an autism diagnosis on his fourth birthday and he was very high maintenance as a child. Whenever something amiss would happen, his parents would say 'the Blue Giraffe did it’, and so began The Adventures of the Blue Giraffe.


Winning with Words: A Secondary School Workbook and Literacy
Pamela Howarth

This book is about written English and is intended as a user-friendly guide and activities workbook for pupils, throughout the secondary range, in order for them to practice and improve their literacy skills. It is ideal for students and their parents working together and for any home-schooling situation, but can also be used in the classroom.


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A Reader-Friendly Biography of William Shakespeare
Miranda Howarth

This book is for everyone who wants to discover more about the double life of Will Shakespeare. He was born in the middle of the 16th century, in the middle of England, in the middle of turbulent times. He wasn’t a posh boy, but a provincial parvenu who took the new London theatre-world by storm. Find out how he did it!


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18 Years In Lockdown
Sannan Rymer

An adventure story following the plights of two groups as they try to escape from under the yoke of a tyrannical city. Its omnipresent and ubiquitous influences control their lives in a permanent state of lockdown. For over eighteen years they've waited, confined to their rooms, with only the screens around them for company. But circumstance will throw them together and now they must thrive.

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Interested in a range of eclectic, unique and interesting books?

Cherish books offers a range of books, covering a range of topics and interests. They're unique and different and come from amateur authors so they're not generic. From novels to educational books and from children's books to history books, we have a selection of unique and interesting books for you.

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Ever wanted to publish a book?

Just written a book or perhaps you just have an idea at the moment? If you're interested in publishing it and either you don't know where to start or just don't have the time, Cherish Publishing offers a self-publishing all inclusive service to get you up and running.

Once your book is live on Amazon, you'll start earning all royalties, we don't keep anything. We charge an upfront fee for getting the book online, then that's it, you take over your account, earn all royalties and can change your book price or details whenever you like.

We have published novels, children's books, art-books, history books, educational books and just about any kind of book you can think of. They're all now earning royalties from their books.

If you're at the ideas stage, we also have a writer who works with us who can help plan and write your book too. So we can offer the full service from inception right through to Amazon self-publishing.

This is an ideal service if you're just not sure where to start or don't have the time, but you'd like your book on Amazon. We can make either an ebook or a paperback, so if it's as simple as getting a book printed, then this is a perfect way to actually have a printed copy of your book, for yourself or for friends and family.

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